In the last few years, ductless air conditioning and also heater, likewise called ductless mini-split systems, have actually ended up being a lot more extensively recognized as well as prominent amongst customers. Whether you’re trying to find a cost-effective option to a central air conditioning system or just something that can conveniently manage the temperature level within a solitary area of your home, the Home heating & Air conditioning contractor highly advises thinking about the benefits of ductless systems. Here is a video from Gary Jacob, describing the advantages of Ductless Mini Splits Heating and Cooling System.

Video Transcript:

Thanks for your time today. If you’re like most consumers, when it comes to your home, you take an interest in products that will improve your comfort, save you money and limit your environmental impact.

What you may not realize is that up to one half of your energy consumption is a result of your heating and cooling. So why is that? Well for starters when you adjust your thermostat, you aren’t just controlling the room you’re in. You’re controlling the temperature for the whole house. On top of that traditional heating and cooling systems lose 25 to 40 percent of their efficiency through the duct work. That means up to 40 cents of every dollar goes out the window leaving you with a high bill, large carbon footprint, and even worse icy rooms in the wintertime and sweltering heat in the summer.

If you live in a two-story home or have a bonus room above the garage or have added on to your house then you know only too well how uneven the temperatures can be. And like many people you’ve probably tried to combat this with the window air conditioner or a space heater neither of which is an efficient or cost effective solution. You deserve to be comfortable in your own home. Every room should be usable year round without noisy, unsafe and inefficient window units and space heaters. You should be able to relax knowing that your air conditioning and heating equipment is environmentally responsible and most of all you should be able to set the thermostat at whatever temperature you want and not have to worry that costs will skyrocket.

That’s why a Ductless system is your best solution. Except in the U.S. Ductless technology has been used around the world for more than 50 years. In fact, many split technology represents between 80 to 90 percent of Japan’s, China’s and the European markets. Because these units don’t have ductwork that 40 percent energy waste. I spoke about earlier doesn’t happen. This in turn decreases your carbon footprint, saving you money and making you more comfortable.

So if you’re looking to use that bonus room year round, save money or just get a comfortable night’s sleep. This is the solution for you. There are a lot of options out there. So you want to make sure you get the equipment that will make you happy for many years to come. Once your selection is made, we have the training, track record and experience to do a quick quality installation that will have you enjoying the benefits in no time. If you’re interested in savings and comfort let us know we’ll get started working for you today.

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