A/C Installation

When the weather is too hot, the temperature can be more than just uncomfortable; it can become a dangerous factor, as your blood pressure might get lower, causing fainting and other accidents. On the top of that, recent studies have shown that people tend to become more aggressive in higher temperatures. So why not avoiding these problems and enjoying your summer with no stress?

A new A/C unit may be in order if your old system is no longer doing its job properly. If you have already spent hundreds of dollars in repairs but things continue to break, or if a part on your air conditioner has broken and it will be extremely expensive to fix it, or if your A/C is working at its maximum capacity and your home is still too hot, and uncomfortable, then maybe it’s time to replace your air conditioner for a new one.

Don’t just hire the first HVAC specialist that you speak, but instead make sure you hire a qualified one will not only install it but will also provide all the ongoing support and assistance that you might need. A HVAC specialist will help you by going through the different options for A/C units that are available to you. They will help you understand the different energy efficiency ratings, and help you find an air-conditioning system that meets your needs and will fit your budget.

So if you need a new A/C install, make sure you carry out the proper research to find the right HVAC company for you. And don’t worry, we’re here to help – you can find a professional HVAC specialist in our free-to-use directory!

A/C Repair

It’s a hot day of summer, and suddenly the air stops coming through your vents. You’ve tried everything to fix your A/C but nothing seems to work and on top of that, the fans aren’t handling the heat.

If your air conditioner won’t turn on, if you hear weird noises or vibrations during its operation, or if there is water pooling around the equipment, it’s time for a repair. But don’t worry, repairing your A/C doesn’t need to be such a headache.

A well-trained HVAC specialist will evaluate the system and determine the source of the problem while keeping your system operating efficiently by checking the unit properly. A professional will inspect the electric terminals, clean the connections and test for refrigerant leaks and all this within your budget!

However, you don’t always need to wait until problems show up to hire an HVAC specialist. It is recommended that air conditioning services are performed at least once a year. This will ensure that it runs at maximum performance, especially during those periods when you need them the most. This is beneficial not only because it will help to extend the life of your A/C unit but also because it will avoid expensive repairs in the future.

If you need an HVAC specialist to evaluate and repair your air conditioning, just use our directory and it’s simple, free and it carries a wide range of professionals who will help and assist you, making your life a lot easier!

Indoor Air Quality

Have you been constantly coughing and sneezing? Before assuming itís just a cold, why not looking more closely at your indoor air quality? Recent studies have proved that inadequate HVAC maintenance is a major cause of poor indoor air quality, causing headaches, fatigue, concentration problems, skin rashes, and even throat and lung irritation. On top of that, chronic health problems such as asthma can also appear, as well as other life-threatening medical conditions.

If you’re worried, just make sure to find an HVAC specialist; they will change filters, and clean coils and ducts, stopping your unit to get clogged. And if you are an allergy sufferer, an HVAC specialist can advise on special types of filters that are designed to specifically minimize allergies effects.

The air quality also plays a major role in companies and offices, as business owners may increase workers’ performance by implementing indoor air quality solutions. It will decrease the sick days and motivate your workers. An HVAC specialist will help you and your business by showing the best ventilation systems that will provide the right balance of gases, ensuring that you and your employees are breathing clean air.

Why waiting until your health gets bad or until your business loses money? Instead, just use our directory to find the HVAC specialist that will help you breathe healthy, fresh air!

Commercial AC Installation

Commercial HVAC systems can be pretty tricky – after all, it is not a one-size-fits-all kind of service. If you own a restaurant or a shop, your customers expect a cool and pleasant environment to spend their time. It is now proven that a moderate and good temperature creates the perfect environment for customers to spend more time and, naturally, more money. Your staff is also more productive when they don’t need to worry about being too cold or too sweaty during work.

Whether you are a business owner who wants to start from zero, or who wants to replace and modernize the existing system, one thing is for sure: you need a professional installer. An HVAC specialist will guarantee a worry-free A/C installation by using their knowledge and experience.

HVAC specialists will ensure that your commercial air conditioning system is properly sized, as well as customizing units for each project. They will evaluate your cooling needs, give recommendations of cost-saving modifications, assist you in obtaining the necessary permits, besides making sure that the work areas are clean and safe. The correct installation of commercial A/C means maximum performance and it also guarantees that you, your staff and customers are breathing healthy air.

So don’t wait until you lose clients or employees due to air conditioning problems. If you care about your business as much as we think you do, you need an HVAC specialist now and just use our simple and free-to-use directory to find the one that best fits your needs.

Heat Pump Installation

With the costs of home heating constantly increasing, maybe it’s time for you and your family to explore different alternatives. If you can’t afford a proper heating system, heat pumps can be the way to go. Heat pumps are also a great way to cool your house, satisfying all your needs.

The heat pump transfers the heat from outside your home into its interior, which means that your home will be consistently transferring heat instead of generating it. It works the same way for air conditioning purposes. Besides having lower running costs by using less electricity, heat pumps also require less maintenance and are safer than heating systems based on combustion. Oh, and it will also reduce your carbon emissions ñ Efficient, cost-effective and eco-friendly.

If you choose to get a heat pump installed, make sure that you hire a qualified professional to do the job. An HVAC specialist will prepare the site, install exterior compressors, position the units in a secure way, handle all electrical tasks involved and seal all your home for maximum heating and cooling efficiency. They will also explain how it works and give you proper recommendations on how to make the most of your brand new heat pump.

We understand that it’s hard to choose a professional with so many options in the market, but don’t worry; just use our free directory to find the perfect HVAC specialist for you and your home!

Thermostat Installation

Thermostats can be crucial not only to save money and energy but also to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home. When it doesn’t work properly, you may face costs increases, as well as a major headache when you realize that you are no longer able to communicate with your HVAC system. Most of these problems, however, could be solved with professional installation ñ and this is why it is super important to hire an HVAC specialist from day one.

In the internet era, it is common for people to believe that everything is a potential DIY project, but they couldn’t be more wrong. While it is completely OK (and fun) to do things such as decoration on your own, services like thermostat installations should and must be done by a qualified professional. Besides helping you choose the best brand and style for your home, an HVAC specialist will also advise on the specific configurations one must consider when installing a thermostat, as there are several variances when deciding what might work for your HVAC system.

If you try to install it on your own, you could damage the thermostat unit or even the entire electrical system by blowing a circuit breaker. To make it even worse, the risks include life-threatening situations such as electric shocks. If you are not sure about where to start, we’ll give you a tip: just search for an HVAC specialist in our simple and free-to-use directory, and enjoy all the benefits that thermostats can provide!


By definition, mini-splits are heating or cooling HVAC units that allow you to control the temperatures in individual spaces; they work by having an outdoor condenser and an indoor air-handling unit. However, this simplified definition does not highlight the best parts of having mini-splits installed:

Traditional heating systems will usually utilize ductwork and this may cause problems such as the consistent loss of energy, which won’t happen with mini-splits: instead, they will reduce the heat and energy loss, besides offering plenty of other great advantages.

Because of its small size, mini-splits can be installed on pretty much anywhere ñ and that includes hard-to-reach areas. Its modern and stylish design, as well as its flexible applications, will allow mini-splits to blend into any room. They can also be extremely energy efficient when compared to duct air conditioning systems – as they will only use the necessary energy to cool a given area, they will save up to 30% of energy! On top of that, if you are one of those people who face trouble sleeping, you shouldn’t worry about it either: mini-splits are silent.

If you are interested in saving energy and money while having a modern HVAC system, make sure to hire an HVAC specialist to either install your brand new mini-split or to repair an old one. By using our directory, you can find a specialist who will help you to decide the best option for you, besides ensuring its perfect functioning and installation!

Duct Cleaning

Dirty ducts can (literally) be a major headache. And thats because dirty air ducts can cause what is known as the sick building syndrome’. This happens when the air ducts are not properly cleaned, making dust, pollen, and other allergens get stuck, causing unpleasant smells and several health problems. These issues range from common colds to serious pulmonary problems in the long run. Dirty ducts will decrease the quality of your home environment, causing sore throat, allergies, coughing, and even asthma. If you have small kids or elderly people in your home, you may be extra careful.

Oh, and did we mention that dirty ducts will also speed up your aging process? Constant tiredness can be a result of the constant breathing of contaminated air, which is usually caused by mold, rodents, and insects that might be inhabiting your ducts and therefore, infecting your home, biting you and your family and even eating your food!

Now that you are aware of all the risks, make sure to hire an HVAC specialist who will professionally check your ducts and determine the extent of the cleaning. Once they’ve done that, they will inspect it and search for any cracks or leaks that might be causing all those problems, and then use a powerful vacuum cleaner to remove what is clogging your ducts before sealing everything to guarantee your safety. So don’t wait until its too late: use our directory to find an HVAC specialist to clean your ducts today!