If you are going shopping a thermostat for your wall heating system (or for any kind of line voltage based heating unit), you might have listened to the terms– Single Pole Thermostat and also Double Pole Thermostat. If you are a little bit overwhelmed trying to find distinctions in between both, you are not the only one! In the video below, Cadet Heat assists you to recognize the specific distinction in between a Single Pole Thermostat and also Double Pole Thermostat.

Video Transcript:

Hi, I’m Dave with Cadet heat and I’m Thomas with Cadet technical support. So we hear the term “POLE” as in single pole, double pole tossed around a lot.

What is the difference when it comes to a thermostat? With thermostats, This is a double pole. This is a T410B and that is a T410H. So the double pole has a true off feature where the single pole thermostat does not. So, with a single-pole thermostat, when this thermostat is set all the way down to 40 degrees as soon as the temperature in the room falls below 40 degrees then the thermostat will tell the heater to turn on. Wherewith this double pole thermostat, If this has turned all the way to the left and off. This thermostat will never ever tell that heater to turn on.

OK, so there is really a difference when you flip them over and look at the wires. Yep! The single-pole thermostat only has two wires and the double pole has four wires.

All right, well that makes sense if you have any questions, get a hold us online or give us a call you might even talk to this guy. Thomas, thank you very much, sir. Thank you for watching.


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